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I'll be Alright

Emaikwu Godwin is a 21 year old poet from Nigeria. He started writing when he was 17 after a friend suggested it and he has not looked back since then. He says, 'I want my poetry to put smiles on millions of faces, inspire people all over the world, be a light for those in darkness, hope for those in despair and a motivation for those about to give up.'

I will be alright

I have lost the will to fight

And I can no longer breathe

I am overwhelmed by miseries

Tell me, will you catch me if I fall?

I can no longer hold on to the light

Darkness is now the only friend I greet

Happiness and joy are only but mysteries

Tell me, why can’t I break through this wall?

I know nothing but sheer agonizing pain

And all my demons are now out to pry

I have been calling out for ages

Tell me, do you hear my cry?

I try but sorrow is my only gain

It doesn't matter how hard I try

The tempest around me always rages

Yet my stream of hope never runs dry

I won't give in till all my fears are slain

They may be the shark and I the fry

Still, I'll strive till we're on different pages

And when the night comes, I'll no longer cry

For I will be alright

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