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Kazi Ayaz Mahesar is a mystic writer, poet and development practitioner from Sindh, Pakistan. He has served as UN Coordination Officer and Representative of UNESCO in Sindh for about a decade, besides having an experience of working at various management cadres for USAID education projects in Sindh. He writes for peace and is currently networking under a tag of ‘Mystics for Peace’. He is the author of over twenty short stories in Sindhi fiction, and is also the author of a book in Sindhi poetic prose. Since 2019 he is extensively writing in English. An anthology of his mystic poems is currently under publication. His works can be read on:



You are part
Of the beginning,
Of the big bang

You are part
Of the big bang,
Of the beginning

How the atoms blast,
As the flowers sprout

How the rise of a wave,
Is the rhythm of the heart

How the winds of forest,
How frigid is the fig

How hot is a flame,
How cold is the sun

How withered is the wick,
How shiny are its glasses

How image is a mirror,
How mirror is this image

What beginnings,
The beginning began

What ends?
In the endless-ness,
Of the ends!

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