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Neena Singh

Neena Singh runs a non-profit, working for quality interventions in the health and education of economically underprivileged children. After three decades of contributing to the banking industry, Neena devotes her time to social work and penning poetry. Her haiku/tanka/haibun/haiga/cherita are regularly published in international journals and magazines. She is the author of ‘Whispers of the Soul—The Journey Within’ and ‘One Breath Poetry—a journal of haiku, senryu & tanka’. She lives in Chandigarh, India with her husband and beloved Labrador Rumi.

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Full Moon_edited_edited.jpg

wooden ladder
on the neighbour’s wall
the moon climbs down

half moon
in the bamboo grove—
a tryst with wind

Image by Tim Umphreys

autumn breeze
ruffles the reeds…
almost birdsong

spring clouds
a white-pebbled pathway
to heaven

clouds haiku.jpg

autumn dusk

an old friend's hand
in mine

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