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Vandana Parashar

Vandana Parashar is a postgraduate in Microbiology, an educator and a Haiku poet. She started getting acquainted with and writing haiku in 2015 and soon found solace in it. Her haiku, senryu and tanka have been published in many national and international journals of repute and won her many prizes and accolades. Her haiku was also shortlisted for the prestigious Touchstone Award in 2021. Her debut e-chapbook ‘I Am’ was published by Title IX Press in 2019. She currently resides in Panchkula with her husband, two daughters and her one-year-old puppy.

Mirror Reflection

mirror maze... 
I stand alone 
in the crowd of me

one-way street 
the fragrance of jasmine 

Image by Dagmara Dombrovska
Autumn Leaves

war zone... 
no one left to decide 
who is right

she is my mother 
on and off

Fish with Herbs

gutting fish 
my daughter says she doesn't 
want to be like me

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