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The Roads Untraveled

As I sit and gaze at the sparks 

Flickering from the fireplace

I go down the roads often unwalked

I walk this path against my will 

But I cannot help myself anymore 

My barricades have been shattered 

And my castle of thoughts; besieged 

My defences have been dismantled 

Compelling me to walk this stale path 

For every bend or corner I take 

Lie forgotten memories now desolate 

Memories which welcome the darkness 

This treacherous path that I now thread 

Have consumed the greatest of men 

Still I tread along with my broken promises 

As the road dinks a little downwards 

I come upon my past mistakes and regrets 

I see the broken pieces of the life I left behind 

Shattered dreams and unfulfilled promises 

All of them hound me on this road 

My mistakes come chasing me down from behind 

Lurking dangerously close to my heels 

I've been running away from them all my life 

All the dark thoughts in my head 

I try to evade their grasp 

But I have nowhere else to run 

So I'll stand and face them head on 

For I am done being a coward 

So I'll walk this path with my head held high 

Hoping to survive this hideous terrain

 ~ Emaikwu Godwin

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