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The Seasons

Nature dresses the earth in colours of Spring, summer, Autumn and winter. Gurpreet Singh, a photographer with a keen eye, captures the beauty of Autumn leaves fluttering, pristine snow blanketing the landscape, the verdant green of a spring and the blooms of summer.  


Autumn Raphsody

Nature sheds the old as it prepares for regeneration

Shadow of the Past

The past hovers over the present.


The Onset of Winter

Grey skies and barren tress herald the onset of a cold winter

A Wash of Grey

A leaden sky looks on as birds forage for food in the snow drifts


A Snowy Walkway

Nature's own walkway for the birds glistens with fresh snow.

The Lights

The lights emanating from cozy homes add a touch of golden warmth to the snow-covered winter landcape.


The Spring

The verdant greens and the nectar-filled blooms attract.

Cycle of Nature

The cobweb becomes symbolic of the cycle of decay and renewal.

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