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The Wise Owl and the Seeker's Journey

Dr. Kenneth Maswabi is from Botswana, Africa. He is currently working as a Clinical Research Physician. Dr Maswabi says, 'My interest in poetry is mostly related to the human spirit. I am a Spirit Poet and I write mostly about Love, Consciousness and Humanity.' He recently published a Poetry collection, 'Love, Consciousness and Humanity: The Shadowless DreamerThe Illuminated Path of Silence.' This is a collection of spirit poems that are inspired by silence of body, mind and soul. Dr Maswabi says, 'the state of silence has been with me since I was born but I learnt to harness it to create poetry.'

Eyes bulging at the dark moonless night

Searching through the vastness of nothingness

Unwilling to blink to the blank spat of Silence

The wise owl uses pearls of wisdom

To look deep inside the dimensionless world of darkness

There are multitudes of creepers keeping the night awake

This is the festive mood that occupies the wise owl's mind

As he unbuttons his entire being

To pierce through the thicket of darkness

And pour the night out of his body and mind

The moment of truth is ever so near, yet so far away

Like the wise owl, the Seeker stares deep into the realm of


The Seeker will have his moment of light

And his world will be exposed to the knowledge beyond

the veil of logic

The Seeker will be awakened into the whole spectrum of


And the colours of the night illuminated

Like the wise owl's mind, the Seeker is ever hopeful

To unveil hidden secrets beyond the ordinary life cycle

It is the stillness of the night that makes a perfect night

for the wise owl

And it is the stillness of the body, mind and soul that

makes the Seeker's journey bright

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