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Facial Mask


Excuse me... you have an anti ageing mask?

...for the brain?

Something that could reverse the effects of ageing

cleanse the pores clogged with

anger, stubborn opinions, prejudice

collected over the years

Smoothen out

the grooves that harbour



unpleasant memories

sordid stories

ugly visuals 

from television reports 

or the neighbourhood?

Don’t get me wrong

I know that the deeper lines 

mean more wisdom 

But, of late

I have started to feel

my brain sags with

all the weight 

of making much of myself

and less of others

There are too many locked niches 

crowded with people

and relationships

after I finish


and branding them

It feels jaded and dull with

overtime working 

constant calculations

and manipulations

The thick layer

of dead skin 


pure joy

and the space for 

new ideas

It seems to have totally stopped secreting 

the natural oils of youthfulness

that lubricate


In fact

sometimes I think

my brain positively stinks

I am really concerned about my inner beauty

What should I do

Oh! You suggest Botox for the brain

And the cost?


No wonder! You scheming businessman!

You think I am an old fool? 

I know the likes of you

out to rob the gullible customer

with your cheap selling tricks

I can start with a little Yoga anytime

and cleanse my system 

of the rot

at a fraction of the cost

Thank you very much.

(Listen to the podcast​)

~Mridula Sharma

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